How I Built This Site — Introduction

An exercise in clean, organized, maintainable CSS: building a site from scratch with no limitations has taught me a lot about front end web development. This series of posts is all about my process, successes, and of course failures.


At the time of writing, I have only one other post: “Cape Chignecto, Round 2”. I figured documenting my process through more than just a readme would be a great way to add some more content, and help myself and others learn from my time spent building this site over the past few weeks. This post will serve as an introduction and table of contents.

Table of contents

Vol 1: Project structure, frameworks & task runners
From the frameworks I chose, why I chose them, and how they’re set up — we’ll configure this site from scratch.
Coming Mid November
All the CSS acronyms you can handle. I spent a ton of time reading articles by the best in the business and forgetting everything I already knew, I won’t try to explain it better than it’s already been done, but I will show you how I interpreted what I read.
Coming Late November
Vol 3: Putting it together with Jekyll
All the wonderful open-source blogging platforms and I chose one you have to build yourself? And it serves static HTML? I’ll explain my choices and provide my implementation details.
Coming Early December
Vol 4: Documentation and wrapping up
Although I’ll be the only one to work on the site, I built it with others in mind – I want to be able to hand this site to any front-end dev and be able to have them understand it as easily as possible.
Coming Late December