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  • The finishers vest and race shirt from the 2015 Stone Cat 50 Miler

    Race Report: 2015 Stone Cat 50 Miler

    By the last half of the lap I have given up on thinking about my finish time and just focus on moving forward as quickly as I can. I know I’m going to be within a few minutes of an 8-hour finish and, if I can ignore the shooting leg pain, it will be on the faster side.

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  • How I Built This Site — Introduction

    An exercise in clean, organized, maintainable CSS: building a site from scratch with no limitations has taught me a lot about front end web development. This series of posts is all about my process, successes, and of course failures.

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  • The finishing stretch of Cape Chignecto. Photo by Jodi Isenor.

    Cape Chignecto, Round Two

    Five-thirty a.m. The sun is nowhere in sight. Frost on the ground. Woodsy is dressed and out the door before I can really even process what’s going on. He wanted to be out early and on his own on the trails.

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